About Us

Faculty of Education Students Association

We are a body that represents all and any uOttawa student in the Bachelor of Education Program that are taking the program in English. We provide students a voice and act as a liaison between the student body and faculty.

FESA is broken down into 3 parts:

Class Representatives

Class Representatives are:

If you are interested in becoming a Class Rep, please consider putting your name forward by filling out the Class Rep Google Form. Elections will take place September 26-28th, 2023. Consider the following:

Executive Team

The FESA Exec Team is composed of 7 different roles, ideally one student in each year for each role (ie: a Year 1 Co-Chair and a Year 2 Co-Chair). Here are the positions and some information about each role:


There are 4 sub-committees on FESA. Class representatives as well as any B.Ed. students can become a members. Corresponding executive members will send out links to apply in September-October. These will commence depending on the events and engagement opportunities in the school year:

2023-24 FESA Executive Team

Madi Hunt

Co-Chair Year 2

Gabby Pador

Co-Chair Year 1

Allison Procher

Year 1 VP Communication

Karlee Reece

Year 2 VP Communication

Cassidy Lafleche

Year 1 VP Outreach

Brad Soper

Year 2 VP Outreach

Ahmed Youssef

Year 1 VP Finances

Matthew Myles

Year 2 VP Finances

Matthew Bolukbas

Year 1 VP Academic Affairs

Lyndon Kirkley

Year 2 VP Academic Affairs

Rachel Jackson

Year 1 VP Social

Garance Daveau Lamiable

Year 2 VP Social

Kale Ophelders

Year 1 VP Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Nicholas Socholotiuk 

Year 2 VP Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

2022_2023 Constitution - March 2023.docx.pdf


This is our current constitution for the FESA organization. This document discusses all of the roles and responsibilities of the Faculty of Education Students Association. Here's what can be found in the document: