About Us

Faculty of Education Students Association

We are a body that represents all and any uOttawa student in the Bachelor of Education Program that are taking the program in English. We provide students a voice and act as a liaison between the student body and faculty.

FESA is broken down into 3 parts:

  • Class Representatives

  • Executive Team

  • Subcommittees

Class Representatives

Class Representatives are:

  • 1-2 students per section cohort

  • Passionate about the B.Ed. program and want to make change

  • Committing to one meeting per month with Exec Team to bring forward any ideas, concerns and/or suggestions from their class

  • Participating in a subcommittee to carry out an event during the school year (optional)

If you are interested in becoming a Class Rep, please send your PED 3150/3151 professor an email including the following information:

  • Why do you want to be a Class Rep?

  • What experiences can you draw from for this role?

  • Give an idea for an in-person event or virtual engagement opportunity for the school year

The professor will pass this information as well as your name and cohort section to Tracy and the FESA Exec Team.

Executive Team

The FESA Exec Team is composed of 6 different roles, ideally one student in each year for each role (ie: a Year 1 Co-Chair and a Year 2 Co-Chair). Here are the positions and some information about each role:

  • Co-Chair

    • As a co-chair, you will need to ensure the constitution is up to date and available to the student body, moderate executive and general council meetings, sign off on expenses with Finance and ensure the overall function of FESA.

  • VP Academic Affairs

    • In Academic Affairs, we represent and support the students in the B.Ed. program and their voices at the Board and Faculty Council meetings. We also plan and organize FESA scholarships.

  • VP Communications

    • VP Communications is responsible for taking minutes at all Exec and General Council meetings, updating FESA social media and website and ensuring that students in the B.Ed. program are aware of events, news, and updates from the faculty.

  • VP Finances

    • Together, we ensure the executive team has the funds necessary to provide the student body with memorable experiences throughout their time in the B.Ed. program. We will finance projects and update the Faculty of Education via audits throughout the year

  • VP Outreach

    • We are responsible for responsible for planning and facilitating any community based projects, campaigns or fundraisers that allow students in the B.Ed. program to connect and effect change in the community at large.

  • VP Social

    • We are responsible for planning social events and engagement opportunities for students in the B.Ed. program. We ensure that events are accessible and inclusive of all students.


Class Representatives and Executive Team can participate in these 3 sub-committees. These will commence depending on the events and engagement opportunities in the school year:

  • Academic Affairs

    • lead by the VPs and includes Class Reps who are interested in participating

  • Outreach

    • lead by the VPs and includes Class Reps who are interested in participating

  • Social

    • lead by the VPs and includes Class Reps who are interested in participating

2022-23 FESA Executive Team

Kelsey Guindon

Year 1 Co-Chair

Christina Rideout

Year 2 Co-Chair

Amelia Leney

Year 1 VP Communication

Curtis McDonald

Year 2 VP Communication

Alexandra Rodriguez

Year 1 VP Outreach

Madi Doyle

Year 2 VP Outreach

Hannah Paty

Year 1 VP Finances

Matthew Brockman

Year 2 VP Finances

Sid Khanna

Year 1 VP Academic Affairs

Stephanie Brousseau

Year 2 VP Academic Affairs

Garance Daveau-Lamiable

Year 1 VP Social

Puvi Balasubramaniam

Year 2 VP Social

2022/2023 Constitution


This is our current constitution for the FESA organization. This document discusses all of the roles and responsibilities of the Faculty of Education Students Association. Here's what can be found in the document:

  • Article 1: Goals of the Organization

  • Article 2: Definitions and Abbreviations

  • Article 3: Elections

  • Article 4: Executive Responsibilities

  • Article 5: Meetings of the Executives

  • Article 6: Meetings of General Council

  • Article 7: Vacancies

  • Article 8: Dues

  • Article 9: Resignation

  • Article 10: Finances of FESA

  • Article 11: Subcommittees

  • Article 12: Community Service Learning Hours

  • Article 13: Official Languages

  • Article 14: Documents and Publicity

  • Article 15: Amendments of the FESA Constitution

  • Article 16: Code of Conduct

  • Article 17: Removal of an Executive Member